The IVET Institute RTO: 40548 

IVET specialise in VET in school programs.

IVET works with over 250 schools, 600 teachers and 12,000 students in Australia and is owned and operated by past secondary school teachers with a sole focus on VET in school programs and assisting teachers with teaching and learning.

IVET strive to assist schools and teachers with all aspects of their programs
 and aim to ensure all students and teachers can achieve the best possible results, be it competency completion or scored assessment.

All members of IVET have a detailed understanding of schools and the structures within them and ensure all of our processes and educational models are efficient and cost effective for students, families and schools.


“To become the leading provider of innovative, client focused education programs and services to schools in Australia. We focus our programs and services on VET in school programs whilst utilising our expert knowledge about the education system and the needs of both students and teachers in schools to ensure the best possible outcomes are achieved.”


• To deliver innovative, client focused education programs to the schools

• To provide support for the development of education programs and services for the broader industries

• To provide students alternative pathways to positive education outcomes, through the VET certificates and short courses we offer

• To broaden the profile and position of the IVET Group within the local and regional communities

• To provide leadership in fostering partnerships, relationships and commercial sustainability

Our Values

We conduct our business with trust, respect and fairness applying the following values and principles:

• We provide a healthy, safe, welcoming, inclusive and nurturing environment

• We ensure transparency and integrity in our governance and decision making

• We operate with teamwork, cooperation, trust, effective communication and mutual respect

• We continue to develop a performance based culture ensuring a strong work ethic and accountability in all we do

For a detailed and comprehensive list of all of IVET’s policies please contact us at

All trainers and students have full access to IVET’s policies and procedures through IVET Connect.


The IVET Group is owned and operated by Clair and Zane Davidson, both past secondary school teachers and is based in Melbourne’s inner western suburbs.

IVET staff have over 40 years teaching experience in secondary schools and bring a wealth of knowledge to pass on and assist teachers and students in schools.

The IVET team is made up of the following key staff:

Clair Davidson – 
Managing Director

Clair is the co-founder and Managing Director of the IVET Institute, who has a passion for the access to education for all students in Victoria. Clair’s background in education started as a classroom teacher moving into leadership roles throughout schools in the Western suburbs of Melbourne. Clair’s continued enthusiasm for professional development has driven her ability to lead the resource development team at IVET and continue to produce material that is relevant to secondary school students throughout the state.

Zane Davidson – 
Chief Executive Officer

Zane is the co-founder and CEO of the IVET Institute, who shares Clair’s view and passion for the access to education for all students in Victoria. Zane has extensive experiences with the Victorian Education system through his role as classroom teacher to assistant principal in schools throughout his 14 year teaching career. Zane is the driving force behind the compliance aspect of the RTO ensuring that all school programs are delivered inline with industry and community expectations. Zane has a passion for innovative ideas around education and strives to implement these for the students that are currently enrolled in their VET in Secondary Schools programs with IVET.

Josh Miller
 – VET in School Training Manager

Josh is the current Victorian Training Manager IVET and works closely with the IVET liaison officers to ensure that all day to day aspects of the IVET Institute run smoothly. Josh has experience in teaching throughout different educational systems in the ACT, NSW and Victoria, and has a comprehensive working model of the Victorian Schooling Sector. Through the past 3 years Josh has worked closely with all schools to assist in setting up and ensuring that your schools programs are both positive for the student and the teachers delivering VET in Secondary Schools around the state.

Vanessa Leane – VET in School Training coordinator

Vanessa has worked closely with elite sporting teams as an Exercise Physiologist specialising in the area of strength, conditioning and exercise prescription. She also has several years experience in secondary schools teaching in the private Catholic sector specialising in Physical education, outdoor education, health and English. Vanessa is a passionate educator who strives to empower students through her delivery of content in practical sessions.

Victoria Konnas
 – VET in School Training coordinator

Victoria is an active and energetic staff member at IVET with experience in both adult education and secondary school teaching. Victoria has had the opportunities to work in multi faith and culturally diverse settings around Victoria. With over 10 years of experience in the fitness industry Victoria can help schools blend theory and practical ideas into a working framework.

Martin Wawrzynczak – 
VET in School Training coordinator

Martin is valued member of the IVET team with teaching experience in both the fitness industry and secondary schools around the Melbourne region. Through his passion of the fitness industry Martin has successfully worked with VFL teams as a strength and conditioning coach, working closely with players and medical staff to prepare athletes for games and training. Through his teaching pathway Martin has broadened his educational practice to encompass ESL students and students from diverse backgrounds enabling him to differentiate his delivery methods to engage all students his classes.

Michael Cassidy – 
VET in School Training coordinator

Michael is an experienced educator who has been an active member of staff to provide opportunities for all students. Michael has worked in school settings throughout Victoria, Central Australia and the top end of the Northern Territory. These teaching experiences have equipped Michael with the teaching tools to work with disengaged youth and youth from diverse backgrounds. Michael has also spent time abroad in the Solomon Islands where he worked closely with teachers in the area to assist them in learning different teaching methods for their students.

Aaron Bickicers – VET in School Training coordinator

Aaron is a dynamic educational professional with more than six years teaching experience across the globe. Through his time abroad he was able to immerse himself into different teaching mediums and has been a driving force in IVET’s professional developments area at the start of 2017. His wide variety of educational settings has given Aaron a global perspective of education and participation of students.  

Alysha Carden-David
 – Administration

Aylsha is an integral part of the IVET team with over 5 years of experience in her role as the administration team leader. Alysha performs various tasks within IVET and is one of the friendly voices, which greets you upon your call. Throughout Alysha’s employment pathway she has drawn upon each experience to formulate her career progression from the armed forces to the IVET institute.

Belinda Cachia – Administration

Is a warm and energetic staff member who has integrated herself into the IVET framework with ease. Belinda is apart of the administration team, which assists schools and teachers with the many questions that arise from being a part of the VET in schools system. Belinda has extensive knowledge in IT through her studies in user support and can help with your schooling needs. Belinda has experience in a number of RTO’s with both adult education and now secondary school students.

  • Melanie Bretherton – First aid trainer (Paramedic)
  • Quinn Davidson
 – Director’s assistant
  • Piper Davidson – 
CEO’s assistant
  • Spiderbox Design – ICT consultants and programmers