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IVET x Umpire AFL

We are thrilled to announce IVET has collaborated with Umpire AFL to develop a comprehensive unit plan for the unit SISSSOF002 Continuously improve officiating skills and knowledge. This unit can be found in Certificate II Sport Coaching, and Certificates II and III Sport & Recreation. 

The new unit plan provides three weeks of detailed session plans and is a combination of the AFL School Umpiring Course and IVET’s SISSSOF002 Delivery Plan. 

You have the flexibility to deliver this unit independently or you can book an AFL School Umpire Course Facilitator to run the practical sessions included in the unit! 

Undertaking this unit could be a springboard for your students into community umpiring, where they can further develop teamwork, decision-making, and communication skills. All while being paid to umpire! 

For more information and to access a copy of the unit plan contact us below.

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