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Trainer Classroom Dashboard Introduction

Classroom Dashboard

Once you have clicked into one of your classes from your trainer dashboard, you will be redirected to your classroom dashboard. This area houses all the necessary requirements to train and assess your students.

  1. On the top bar of your screen you have access to three different modes.
    The Classroom Mode is used for viewing all of the unit resources and assessments. It is designed to allow the trainer to teach and view the digital resources in a similar full screen classroom as what the student generally experiences.
    The Assessment Mode is for marking submitted assessments and reviewing any completed work.
    The Class Management Mode is where you can view student progress, activate units and their assessments, manage your student cohort and other general classroom management items.
  2. The units included in your class are located to the right of the screen in a vertical manner. At the top of this list, it will show you the total number of units included. Simply click on GO to enter a unit classroom and view digital resources and assessments.
  3. All of your outstanding student assessments that require marking can be found to the far right of the screen. It will list the Unit and Assessment name and show you how many assessments are outstanding. Click on MARK NOW for a quick link to the assessments that require marking. If there are multiple unit assessments that require marking, these will all be listed individually in a vertical manner
  4. The last area of your Classroom Dashboard is the chat, notifications and account settings, which can all be accessed from the top right corner of the header. These functions are visible anywhere within your class. For example, if you are in the process of marking as assessment, these options will still appear at the top of the screen so you can quickly open up the chat function and send a message to the student.


The notification bell will show any new notifications you have from the portal or your classes. This area also has shortcuts to:

  • Trainers’ individual support page. This area will show you any potential issues that have been noted during enrolment and have a list of mandatory support that must be provided to students
  • Learner support progress page. This area will show you any students who require learner support throughout their course delivery
  • Progress notifications. This area provides you with a list of notifications that have been sent to your students from the portal. You can click into any student and notification to view a copy of what the student received


The message icon takes you to your classroom chats. It will indicate any new messages with a pink bubble. You can answer any questions straight from students and start new chats directly from this popup, ensuring that you don’t lose your place in the portal.

The account icon will take you to your Account Settings page. You can update your password, view and submit your personal development activities, view your trainer matrix qualifications and access IVET training support pages.

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