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Certificate III in Information, Digital Media and Technology

The Certificate III in IT program also develops a broad set of fundamental skills as described under the Certificate II but offers further breadth through units such as introductory-level programming techniques, IP ethics and privacy of information, diagnostic testing and client service.

The program is suitable for serious IT enthusiasts and affords meaningful insights into some of the more common specialisations so that participants can either use this base knowledge and skills to pursue a career or further study in specialist fields; software engineering, gaming, coding, programming, technical support, data management, network management, information security and more.

Like the Cert II, the program composition can easily be customised to exclude and include certain units (permissible substitute electives) in order to create a particular flavour or specialisation the school and student cohort may require.
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Learning Areas

  • Common digital technologies
  • Common business software applications
  • Operating systems
  • Hardware care and maintenance
  • Standard diagnostics
  • Web presence through social media
  • Cyber security and device security and protection
  • Introductory programming techniques
  • Information ethics and security
  • Critical and creative thinking skills
  • Teamwork and workplace etiquette
  • Safe and sustainable work practices

Job Opportunities

  • ICT Support
  • Helpdesk Support
  • ICT operations support
  • ICT User Support
  • Network Administration
  • Website Development
  • Social Media Administration

The Information, Digital Media and Technology pathway

Students who complete one of our Information Technology courses can progress to further VET studies, or seek entry into Higher Education.
Certificate II in Applied Digital Technologies (2 years)
Certificate III in Information Technology (2 years)
Certificate IV or Diploma
Higher Education at

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