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Making it easier for you to teach
Access everything you need to setup your class and start teaching, all in one place. 

With a range of features to streamline and save you time in and out of the classroom, IVET and the IVET portal make everything easy.

With the support of your School Relationship Officer,  we ensure that your IVET teaching experience is easy and hassle free.

Online & Hard Copy Resources

All of IVET’s quality physical course resources are accessible digitally through the IVET portal– giving teachers and students 24/7 access.

Teachers Resource

Our digital materials are enhanced to include links to further resources and multi-media, to further engage students and make teaching even easier.

Lesson Plans

IVET provides a range of suggested lesson plans, guiding you to deliver to an industry best practice standard.

Practice Exams

Utilise support and learning tools such as practice exams to best position your students for a competent result straight off the mark.

One-to-one & Class Chat

The IVET Portal allows trainers and students to connect and chat as a class or on a one-to-one basis between the student and trainer.

Student Online Self-Enrolment

Upon completing enrolment, students can begin their course instantly. Once enroled, students have all they need to complete the course at their fingertips.

Training FAQs

Have a question? We've listed some answers to our most common Training FAQs.

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It is purpose built by IVET and has been tailored specifically for the VET in School market. As it is not an off the shelf software system, we have the ability to implement modifications and improvements in a manner that larger providers cannot offer.

We’ve designed the portal to be an all-inclusive SMS and LMS, ensuring you only need to access one system for all your training and delivery needs.

No, there is no minimum or maximum number of students required to complete a course through IVET.

The exception is for First Aid delivered by an IVET trainer, where we have a minimum number of 10 students for a booking.

We do not impose a minimum or maximum number of students required in a class; however, we do suggest that anything greater than 25-30 can become hard to manage

IVET allows you to have individual classes that match your class schedules, so you could be delivering one VET qualification in your school with 100 students and have those students grouped into as many classes as you require.

Viewing student progress is easy in the IVET portal. We have a dedicated colour-coded Progress tab that shows you a holistic view of students within each of your classes, giving you the perfect snapshot of where your class is at. You also have the ability to export this table in a PDF or Excel format.

We provide a variety of resources across all of our units. These typically include:

  • Interactive Student Resource Workbooks
  • Printable Student Resource Workbooks
  • Trainer Guide
  • Learner Checkpoint Answers
  • Trainer Presentations
  • Podcasts
  • Videos
  • Unit Delivery Plans
  • Assessor and Student Guides
  • In Class Activities and Templates
  • Practice Exams and SACs (Victoria)

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Assessing is easier with IVET
The IVET Portal helps keep you on top of your assessment management. Receive clear and instant alerts when a student has submitted an assessment for marking, and easily send them feedback.

Online Unit Assessments

Say goodbye to paper assessments. All assessments are designed to be completed and marked online within the IVET Portal.

Score Assessment Advice

Our dedicated  in-house Product team and Heads of Learning provide you with examples and advice to support you with scored assessment requirements (in applicable states)

Automated Marking

Self marking assessment questions save you time, supported with follow up short answer questions.

Marking Assessments

Marking assessments online makes life easier for both students and teachers. Students enjoy more streamlined feedback and communication, while teachers are able to do away with superfluous paperwork.

Instant Certificates

Students no longer have to wait weeks or even months to receive their certificates. Upon completion of the course and sign off from the course supervisor, students receive their certificates via digital delivery.

Complete First Aid Courses

IVET delivers interactive First Aid and CPR courses using a range of delivery methods to engage learners and ensure we offer the best value for money on the market

Assessment FAQs

Have a question? We've listed some answers to our most common Assessment FAQs.

Click on the button below to be taken to our full list of frequently asked questions.
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You don’t need to; we’ve done all the hard work!

Every unit has a set of assessment tasks that meet regulatory requirements and the training.gov.au checkpoints. We have an in-house Product team and Heads of Learning that ensure all assessments provided are of a high standard and have been designed specifically for the VET industry.

Our assessments consist of a mix of knowledge-based questions, project portfolios, demonstrations, case studies and observations.

Questions can consist of short-answer, multiple choice, selection-based, table-style or upload options, and you’ll generally find that each assessment encompasses a mix of question styles.

S (Satisfactory) means the student has completed a particular task for the unit of competency. There may be multiple tasks that a student is required to complete in order to obtain competency.

C (Competent) means the student has completed all tasks for the unit of competency, and they have a final unit result which then entitles them to a Statement of Attainment or goes towards their total qualification completion.

As all of our assessments are completed online through our portal, we are able to utilise a self-marking tool for all multiple choice and selection questions. This saves you valuable time, allowing you to focus on providing the best learning experience for your students.

Each question in an assessment comes with a marking guide so you are able to see benchmark answers and compare to your students’ submissions.

In addition to this, every unit is supported by an Assessor Guide, which will detail the expectations of each assessment task, equipment you will require, instructions to provide your students and a copy of all questions and answers for the online assessments.

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IVET Behind The Scenes
Founded by teachers in 2011, IVET Group quickly grew to become one of Australia’s leading RTOs. We specialise in supporting and empowering our partners to deliver a wide range of VET in Schools programs across the country.

Online Help from IVET

Access help from the IVET team directly from the Portal, and receive your response in less than 24-hours.

Onboarding Training

Take advantage of a dedicated relationship officer for all your onboarding and support requirements. We're here to answer all your questions.

Professional Development

IVET provides a range of online and face to face professional development activities. The Portal allows you to easily log all of your PD in one place.

Trainer qualifications made easy

Trainers can complete and submit their trainer qualifications in the IVET Portal. Store and manage qualifications in one place, as well as receive notifications to update.

Course Progress

Easily view and track student progress as they work through their qualification as well as receive progress notifications along the way.


IVET is dedicated to our trainers staying current and compliant. Our compliance team provide a range of guided PD activities and ongoing vocational support.

Administration FAQs

Have a question? We've listed some answers to our most common Administration FAQs.

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We strongly recommend using the following web browsers when accessing our portal:

  • Google Chrome
  • Safari
  • Mozilla Firefox

We do not support Internet Explorer and advise strongly against using this to access our portal.

Our portal works across a large number of operating systems, notably Microsoft Windows, iOS, macOS and Android. It will operate on tablets and other smart devices.

As our portal uses graphical images, interactive content, rich text and is used for assessments – it is recommended to use on a device with a reasonable size screen like a tablet, PC, Mac, Laptop.

IVET offers a range of support options to help you with whatever you need.

Our support includes:

  • A dedicated Schools Relationship Officer (SRO) assigned to your school
  • IVET Customer Service and Administration team, available via phone and email
  • Heads of Learning, who are industry experts in their respective areas
  • In-House Product team
  • Built-In help bubble on our Portal, where you can find common FAQs and a quick link to send a support request to our team
  • Supporting documentation and material, available directly in the portal for you to access at any time

Maintaining your professional development and trainer credentials with IVET is an easy process.

Both are managed directly via your Profile in the Portal, in a purpose-built online form. We provide you with instructions and examples, and have a dedicated Compliance team to help you out with any issues you may have.

Once a student has been issued with a Certificate or Statement of Attainment, it is made available in their portal for them to download. Trainers also have access to their students’ certificates via the portal and our Customer Service team is always available to send certificates out directly to students or trainers.

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