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We wanted to take this opportunity to update you on some exciting news at IVET– changes we hope will further add to the support IVET provides for our trainers and students.
We have appointed new Heads of Learning in our Sport & Recreation and Kitchen Operations & Hospitality sectors!

New Head of Learning Roles
As part of IVET’s continued development of meaningful support material and constantly improving the services we can offer, IVET is pleased to announce the first two appointments to our Head of Learning roles. These are new roles within IVET with the direct intention of working pro-actively with our school partners and making sure our courses are at the cutting edge.

Tim Hassel has been appointed as IVET’s new Head of Learning – Sport and Recreation / Outdoor Recreation. Marisa Marchant has been appointed to take on the role of Head of Learning for Kitchen Operations and our Hospitality courses. Rather than telling you all about Marisa and Tim why not let them introduce themselves.

Sport and Recreation (Head of Learning)

“Hi, my name is Tim Hassell and my background is in Secondary Education where I have taught PE and Outdoor Education at junior and VCE level, along with VET Outdoor Recreation.
I am familiar with IVET resources from a teacher perspective and have joined IVET with the intention of adding to the strong links already formed between School Relationship Officers (SRO’s) and schools by providing additional Sport and Recreation program knowledge. I am looking forward to working with teachers, IVET SRO’s and the product development team to best meet teacher and student needs by creating comprehensive resources for Sport and Recreation and being available for support.
I am aware that out there already are some terrific Sport and Recreation programs running and I am keen to learn from teachers and VET Coordinators so that the quality of IVET’s programs can continue to grow.
Teachers delivering a Sport and Recreation program, feel free to contact me directly or via your SRO to discuss programs, otherwise I look forward to working with you soon.”
– Tim Hassell, tim@ivet.edu.au

Hospitality and Kitchen Operations (Head of Learning)


“My name is Marisa Marchant, and I am happy to announce I have been appointed as Head of Learning – Hospitality at IVET.
I share your passion for teaching and see this role as an opportunity to support schools and enable teachers to provide the best learning experience for their students.
My intention is to equip teachers with the tools to empower students with foundation knowledge and operational skills that lead to multiple and meaningful options in the future.
VETiS Experience: I designed, developed, and delivered the VCAL and VETiS Kitchen Operations programs at William Angliss, where I managed a team of trainers and auspice programs, including delivering at auspice schools.
I’m a chef, an educator and I love food!
I look forward to working collaboratively with you; to identify opportunities, find solutions for challenges, and ultimately allow you more time to do what you do best – Teach!”
– Marisa Marchant, marisa@ivet.edu.au

Health and Community Services (Head of Learning)

"Hi, my name is Shilpa Smith and pleased to announce my appointment to the position of Head of Learning Health and Community Services.
I am passionate about helping people and social justice causes. I have worked in the health and community sector for the past 15 years. Of those 15 years, I have spent the last decade in the VET sector as I always want to support learners to attain the right skills and knowledge to work in the health and community sector.
The health and community sector has exploded in the last few years and the sector is welcoming more people, which means the demand is urgent. We as teachers have an important role in preparing our next generation for these roles.
My goal is to ensure teachers are supported in their practice as I understand the dual roles teachers have to play, keeping up-to-date with their VET knowledge and health and community sector knowledge, hence I hope my background and experience will be of value to teachers where we walk this journey together.
Please get in touch with our SROs and let them know how we can support your health and community services courses. I look forward to working with you."

– Shilpa Smith, shilpa@ivet.edu.au

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