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Having trouble logging in to the portal?

We're sorry to hear you are having difficulties accessing our portal.

There are several factors that may be the cause, these include:

  • Using the wrong username.
    • For Students: Your username is usually your first and last name together. If we already have the same name registered with our Learning Management System then your user name may also include some numbers.
    • For Coordinators and Trainers: Your username is your email address, which is generally your work email and not your personal
  • Ensure you are using Google Chrome, FireFox or Safari. This may affect your ability to both log in and complete your assessments.
  • Ensure you are selecting log in as the correct user. On the login page, there are options to log in as a coordinator, trainer or student. Be careful to select the right one
  • Try clearing/deleting your browser history including your ‘cached’ files and media. Often Google tries to be proactive and might redirect you to the IVET Learning Management System, which is for IVET Institute’s Vet in Schools programs. If this occurs, you can log in through our TAE Training Academy website, https://taetrainingacademy.com.au and click ‘login’ in the top right-hand corner next to the IVET symbol then enter your details.
  • If you are continually receiving the logged-out error message it may be an issue with the computer clock and the time zone not matching the State you are located in. If there is an error here, then our system may get confused and log you out.
  • If none of these solutions rectifies the issue, then please contact one of our helpful Customer Success Officers to assist on 1300 004 838

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